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Johnny B is Joined in The Fat Cave by Expert NFL Analyst and Junior Varsity All-Star player Zane Bell. They discuss the NFL Lock Out, Johnny B's coaching, Zane's desire to purchase humans(Which is still illegal), Zane's favorite Buccaneer, and more! Down, SET, Listen.

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The Fat Cave Studio was savagely attacked by LIGHTNING! Yes, LIGHTNING! Parts of the studio were crippled for a few days so JB and the crew recorded an extra long take of their new segment called Show before the Show using a Sony portable recorder. It's loaded with conversational mayem including Shannon's socks, more masterbation talk, Old School black groups, and stuff. Poor Shannon.

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Johnny B, Joe Riga, and Whitmore are back in The Fat Cave discussing JB's new coaching duties, Casey Anthony, Derek Jeter, JB's Jail Broken iPad 2, a lady's dead mom turning up alive after 15 years, and MORE! Do the damn thing.

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Johnny B and Joe Riga are in rare form for this one. These Kooky comedic commandos crush common topics like: Movies that make you cry, Joe's JB dream, a lady in Boston that miraculously stayed on the bottom of a public pool for TWO DAYS, oh yeah she's dead, and the boys get a little Muppet crazy. WAAKKAA!

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Johnny B and Joe Riga whip up seventy-something minutes of super duper internet jovial jargon. they talk about neat stuff like BBQ'd comedy, pool parties, photo shoots, Reality TV, Facebooking dead people, and SO MUCH MORE! Just listen for yourself already! Jeeeez!

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Johnny B, Joe Riga, and Shannon roll out this episode from the world famous Fat Cave Studio. They discuss cool stuff like: Dirty venues, lisping waitresses, masturbation(again), crazy Japenese making imitation beef out of poop, Shannon's goofy coughing technique, and MORE! Yeeuupp!

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Johnny B, Joe Riga, and the Foot sling about an hour of audio poo poo all up in your face. Sounds delicious huh? They discuss speedy rappers,, the show's NEW logo and shirts, a High School prank in New Zealand involving Google, and MORE! I don't know why I capitalized more.

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Comics get heckled, people lose their legs, But.....sometimes the two get brought together. Johnny B and Joe Riga discuss their latest comedy outing, craziest sex locations, secret audio of the Casey Anthony trial, a NEW Ebonic Biblical Moment, and more. It's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

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So....Johnny B likes Glee. Does that make him gay? Ofcourse not, but one has to wonder if he doesn't act a little different then he used to. We explore a new condition(we created)called "Glee Gay". Johnny B and Joe Riga also review the very first JB Show Live from Palm Harbor. FABULOUS! Wait...What?

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The Fat Cave Studio is filled with Johnny B, Joe Riga, Whitmore, and a newcomer, Moose. We discuss JB's childhood hypochondria, masturbation location, BBQ Speghetti, Swamp People, and lots more. Shooteem Jacob!

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