Johnny B Uncensored

Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Michael Murillo are in The Fat Cave for this extra long 100th episode. They discuss Johnny's childhood boombox mixtape days, John never eating oatmeal, the Nyan Cat joins the show, crazy vending machines, and old lady crash landing a plane, and SO MUCH MORE! Eat it up!

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Johnny B and John Jacobs are in The Fat Cave celebrating JB's Birthday with some good, clean, family friendly talk. Ok. that's not completely true. The fellas discuss a youtube video of a Tampa street fight incited by a TV jingle, more info on the Trayvon Martin case, a Pilot that loses it mid-flight, JB appearing on an AM radio Poker Show, a homocide near The Fat Cave, and MORE!! No hoodie required.

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Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Shannon are in The Fat Cave rolling through this short show. They discuss the Jets new QB, church recruiters, Johnny's fitness venture, and some great religious alternatives. Amen.

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Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Michael Murillo are in The Fat Cave Studio for another solid show of shenanigans! They discuss the Broncos NEW and old QB's, Johnny's new fitness regimen, emergency bathroom wake-ups, rude girls that say stupid stuff, Johnny tipping drive-thru employees, and way more! Just play it.

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Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Michael Murillo are in The Fat Cave for an extra long show. They discuss Johnny's new gym membership, 2012 apocalypse debunkings, a night with the Elks, Johnny's flashback self scissor stabbing story, how to survive a Zombie pandemic, and much much more(all while eating Dorito Tacos)!!

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Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Shannon are in The Fat Cave for this super ground breaking, controversial, unique journey into adolescence, impending doom scenarios, the afterlife, and third world bus trips. It's a hunch, but we think you'll like it.

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Johnny B is in the Fat Cave Studio with John Jacobs and Shannon, not at the same time though. It's kind of a two part show. They discuss Tiger Woods, Jeremy Lin, who wants to be a gay millionaire, ghetto family Facebook, a voicemail from a dying old lady, Walmart church folk, Johnny B's plan to try out for The Voice, and more. Enjoy the whole thing.

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Johnny B is joined in The Fat Cave Studio by comedians Michael Murillo and John Jacobs. They discuss Shoes, Fast food, Stand-up, Green Horns, Johnny B's highschool Rap Group, playing the dozens, and a lot more! It's fresh!

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Johnny B, Michael Murillo, and Whitmore are in The Fat Cave getting cray. They discuss: Their ghettofabulous trip to the State Fair, Two grannies with way different problems, Zane's Fair bathroom debacle, Johnny's excelent parenting skills, and WAY more! It's SO cray!

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Johnny B is joined in the studio by comedians Law Smith and John J. Murray for beer and talk. They discuss: Comic anxiety, JB's new toy, John Murray's comedy idols, a guy having a heart attack at The Heart Attack Grill, Vegas, Poker, Fleshlite etiquette, and MUCH MORE!!

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