FTS Johnny B

Johnny B, Joe Riga, and Whitmore record a late night show in the Fat Cave for your listening pleasure. This thing has a poop story, Walmart girls, another Top 5, iPhone porn, a fat cripple, surf shop exploitation, and Whitmore pocket dialing the Po Po! You know, family friendly stuff.

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Johnny B, Chase, Joe Riga, and Whitmore are in The Fat Cave creating urine producing LOL'erCopters again! This baby has more of the stuff you love including a SPECIAL celebrity interview, Ebonic biblical moment, babies inside babies, and voicemails and junk.(No real babies were harmed in the making of this episode, allegedly). Enjoy!

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Déjà Fööd

Johnny B, Joe Riga, Chase and Whitmore take the new fat cave studio for an audio joy ride. There's voicemails, top 5's, news, gay drinks, over priced horse hookers, more chocolate, and Chubbs attacks. Yep.

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Johnny B, Chase, Joe Riga, DJ Heff, and Whitmore take you on a scattered mess of a show loaded with sex, ranting, cows, missing limbs, horrible impressions, rat rape, and sex. Wake the kids up and gather around the fire. It's a show, so here. Run along.

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 Bacon Chocolate Douche

Johnny B, Joe Riga, and Chase are joined by DJ Hood Heff in this show. It's chocked full of comedy, bacon, news, douche-baggery, and falling babies. We throw in some voicemails and sound clips and there you have it. Hugs.

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Niggy Titties

Johnny B, Joe Riga, and DJ Chase fire up this extra long puppy with your basic topics: Harassing hobos, Simplifying the Bible, The worst honkey fight ever, and more!! Enjoy.

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