FTS Johnny B

Johnny B, Joe Riga, and Whitmore sit around the Fat Cave discussing ways to put your feet in your mouth, a 132 lb three year old, ways to kill the mood during sexy time, and we temporarily turn the Cave into a Yuengling water park. It's WACKY. and by "wacky" we mean "retarded".

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Johnny B and Joe Riga are joined by Ditchdog Entertainment's Tony Gaud and Catherine Maloney. It's an extra long show packed like a vagina full of heroine and money! But there's no Smack and cash, just a quartet of comedy goodness. Enjoy.

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Johnny B, Joe Riga, and Shannon fire up the 'Ol Fat Cave for about an hour of offending people. We cover a modeling agency for Down Syndrome folks, Fast Food rage, and crappy closers from the past. Throw in a voicemail and stuff and VOILA, a Show. Kind of.

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Johnny B, Joe Riga, Whitmore, and the first female to hit the Fat Cave Jennifer Hensleigh crank up the funny engines and smack around some dandy dialogue. What did I just say? Nevermind, listen.

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Johnny B and Joe Riga went on location for a long interview with comic veteran Guy Torry. They discuss the comedy industry, including breaking down a full show scientifically. Grab some pop corn.

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Oh Snap! Johnny B and Joe Riga are joined in that Fat Cave by two first-timers to the show! Over 120 minutes of comedy audio ecstacy for both of your ears to enjoy. We discuss parents that pimp their kid for van payments, klepto breast, and much more! We finish you off with Amber's song. Enjoy!

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Johnny B, Whitmore, Olsen, and Timmy "Nneeah" Dobbins do some therapeutic poker dealer venting in this "For Poker  People" episode. If you're a poker dealer you'll love it. If you're a poker player, please listen. It's All-In good humor.

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Johnny B, Joe Riga, Whitmore, and first-timer Timmy Dobbins hit the Fat Cave for some good 'ol funny making! They discuss Riga's Granny comedy situation, Gas station drama, Sex debate between Carla from Cheers or a hot retard, and Zane's school bus meltdown. It'll zing your zanger. Meh.

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Johnny B, Joe Riga, and Whitmore are joined in the Fat Cave by the Pride of Punta Gorda, Max Doyle. They take aim at an internet ginger with an attitude, play some Apples to Apples, and play some Movie quote trivia. Sound good? What do you know?

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