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The Fat Cave Studio is filled with Johnny B, Joe Riga, Whitmore, and a newcomer, Moose. We discuss JB's childhood hypochondria, masturbation location, BBQ Speghetti, Swamp People, and lots more. Shooteem Jacob!

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Who is in the Fat Cave Studio? Men. Who talks about Ghetto coffee Shops, Gypsy male whores, annoying bass thumping cars, and a WILD Open Mic Night in Clearwater? Men. Who destroys a hacky, unfunny, misogynistic, drunk douche bag that picked a verbal battle with the wrong guys? MEN! Johnny B and Joe Riga reflect. Dive on in.

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Apocalypse Not Now

Johnny B and Joe Riga close out the whole "Rapture" weekend by discussing End of the World iPod playlists, we answer Twitter questions like: Why Johnny and Joe love thick girls, ass wiping technique, how we lost our virginity, our worst stage experiences, and more! You'll love it, maybe.

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The Apocolypse is HERE! Well, if you're reading this atleast you still have internet. On this Episode Johnny B and Joe Riga discuss the Rapture, Macho Man's untimely death, Local comedy, and a comedy thief getting smashed in L.A. .......ENJOY.

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Johnny B is joined in Ye' Olde Fat Dwelling by old pal/comedian Brian Davies and Shannon Beasley for some good ole comedy talky talk! Harold Camp says Jesus is coming and we let you know all about it. Throw in a voicemail, story of a drunk roof dropping dummy, and the biggest titties on the planet! Listen quick, before the RAPTURE!!!

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Johnny B, Joe Riga, Whitmore, and Travis Campbell hit The Fat Cave armed with 75 minutes of discussions including JB's Sonic mistake, bacon burglers, flash mobs, JB getting high, high speed police chases, and much more! Curl up and have a listen. Wear your sexy socks. Yeah, those.

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Johnny B and Joe Riga are joined in The Fat Cave by Matt Sorrentino and Micheal Marillo for what was really episode 35 but has been made into 34 because of Bin Laden. Not really his fault, but why not blame him. Most of 34 was misplaced and 35 became 34. It's nutty. The boys discuss Sports, Stupid products incuding A-spray and more. Here ya go.

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Guess who's back? Back again? JB's back, tell a friend. Seriously, tell your friends about the show. This show Johnny B, Joe Riga, and Shannon discuss STD's, cancer research performed by homophobes, Gay dogs, Gay rape, Johnny pissing on another pet, and dreams of flying with and without pants. Yep, total train wreck.....ENJOY!

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Johnny B and Whitmore are joined in The Fat Cave by "The All-Star" Zane Bell. JB and ZB discuss their recent adventures in burger exploration and Zane answers questions with total 11 year old honesty. Throw in some voicemails and BOOM, it's a show. True.

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