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Johnny B and Michael Murillo are huddled up in The Fat Cave discussing football, stand-up, Lingerie Football League, and much much more. Put your helmet on and pay attention.

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Johnny B, Joe Riga, and Whitmore are in The Fat Cave wearing their funny pants! They discuss Zombies, a penis surgery gone bad, more on JB's Bears, Hurricane Irene, and the boys review a drunken 20 minute show Johnny and Whitmore recorded a week ago. It's INTOXICATABLE!

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Johnny B and Joe Riga are in The Fat Cave bracing for Hurricane Irene! Ok, it's not hitting Tampa. But, they took over an hour in this episode creating Tropical Storm force comedy. They discuss: Joe's trip to NYC during the earthquake, Johnny B and local media legends onstage for charity, da Bears, Voicemails, a white lesbian rapper that blows, and MORE! True dat.

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Johnny B and Joe Riga are in the Fat Cave talking nonsense again. In this episode they discuss: The show's #1 Fan, a Waffle House truck attack, a Russian girl bear attack, the NEW Oreos, and more! Tie your shoe and listen.

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Johnny B, Joe Riga, and Michael Murillo hit the Fat Cave runnin with all kinds of silliness. We talk Fantasy Football, Racism, Texas, and MORE!

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Oh Snap! Johnny B and Whitmore are in the Fat Cave talking poo poo about stuff like: A guy who tries to perform Hernia surgery on himself with a butter knife, an online article on how to pick up guys, Some embarrassing moments in Black Media History, Zane interviews Johnny B, and MORE! What what? Exactly.

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Johnny B, Joe Riga, and Whitmore are crammed into the World Famous Fat Cave Studio for another hour of mayhem. They discuss some of their drunkest moments, Johnny's coaching debut, a Poker dealer on twitter that knows how to vent, a White Trash themed party, and MORE....It'll make you pee pee.

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Johnny B and Joe Riga are up to their normal studio craziness. The boys discuss New York's first gay marriage, Joe's marathon dive, Johnny's ability to walk on water, Casey Anthony's porn offer, and JB's electric lawn mower. Plug it in and turn it up.

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