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It's Thanksgiving evening in The Fat Cave Studio, and JB and Riga are loaded with Holiday cheer! They discuss festive topics like: Gluttony, JB's days as a child hustler, poker player anal suggestions, a football player in big trouble, the National Anthem botched again, Stand-up comedy(ofcourse), Hip Hop cameos, Black Friday, a black for Joe, and much more! Pour on the gravy, grope your chest, and let your ears indulge!

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Johnny B and Shannon are in the Fat Cave just days before Thanksgiving discussing super interesting topics like: Turkey, JB's influences, an Open Mic'er that robbed a bank...twice, Why JB hates Tim Tebow, how to make the perfect turkey, Shannon's flirty gay uncle, we do voicemails, and more. Take a knee, for Timmy. Enjoy.

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Johnny B and Joe Riga are at it again in this Extra long episode. They talk about stuff like: Johnny's recent Pizzaria performance, Joe's fascination with stuffing, JB's extensive knowledge of rice, JB's sad story of his house burning down 20 years ago, Big Moe still loving sex and food, Emails, Twitter questions, and more! It's fire proof. Promise.

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Johnny B and Joe Riga are catching up a week of events from The World Famous Fat Cave Studio. They cover Johnny's diet, Joe's Joke-Off, Johnny's football team being a victory away from the SUPER BOWL, and Penn State's issues. No kidding. Pour yourself some Cheerios and enjoy.

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Johnny B and Joe Riga are in The Fat Cave making the funny. They discuss: JB's juice fast, Joe's sentimental booty call, JB being hungry, opening a very urban show, Bears winning, and more. Eat it up!

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Johnny B is back from his Caribbean adventure with some stories to tell. He's joined in the Fat Cave by The Head Ginger, Whitmore! JB recaps his cruise, they take a few voicemails, and discuss how creepy and child rapey song lyrics used to be back in the day. It's almost two hours of audio poo poo. You'll think it's very bueno. 

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