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JB, Joe Riga, and Shannon are in the Fat Cave for the last(extra long)show of 2011! They talk about Joe's new Fleshlite, Kim Jong il, debating a fantasy fight between a monkey with a knife vs. a dog with laser eyes, JB's 5 shows with the Great Ralphie May, the greatest gift by the greatest person, Twitter questions, and MORE!

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It's Christmas in The Fat Cave! Johnny B and Joe Riga are decking halls and stuff. They talk football, comedy, food, gifts of Christmas pasts, Joe's downloading habit, Johnny get's musical, and much more. Tis the season. Enjoy.

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Johnny B and Joe Riga are in The Fat Cave discussing: Mushrooms, Booty call cancellations, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tebow Mic'd Up, Christmas shopping, and more. Johnny does the second part of the show solo, recapping the night's comedy show and talking about the loss of his best friend. It's Half Funny.

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Johnny B and Joe Riga are joined in The Fat Cave by Michael Murillo for a long episode of comedy gold. The boys discuss: More Tebow, this football season's disappointments, resturants for fat people, the great show at The Tampa Pitcher Show, working with Ralphie May, JB getting in the Xmas spirit with a song, and more. I swear to Timmy, you'll like it.

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Johnny B and Joe Riga are all up in the guts of the World Famous Fat Cave Studio talking a lot about football, comedy, and other BS like: Way too much Tebow talk, JB and Riga bookings, a guy who lost a $10,000 ring and found it in a landfill, and much more! God bless.

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Johnny B and Joe Riga are back in the Fat Cave Studio making verbal euphoria for the Ham and Eggers. They discuss: Joe's toilet diving iPhone, JB's marriage proposal play by play, their upcoming Groupon deal, trying to figure out what a "Groupon" is exactly, how cheesey Kay's Jewelry commercials are, Stand-up, a crappy tattoo for a cheater, and so much more. December 9th. Tampa Pitcher Show. Just sayin.

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