FTS Johnny B

JB, Shannon, and Whitmore are ready for 2013 in The Fat Cave Studio! They discuss Shannon's mouth breathing, gay hanky codes, low-balling for reals, video games, a guy changes his name for a ton of cash, and way more! It's kind of gay.

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It's the night before Christmas in The Fat Cave Studio, and JB is reunited with Joe Riga for a Christmas Spectacular! Oh yeah, Shannon is also there, so it's not "Spectacular" really. The fellas discuss Christmassy things, Joe's whereabouts, JB's rediculous ghetto wallet make-over, and a bunch of random crap. There's music, poetry, and mindless mayhem. What more could you ask for?

Direct download: Show_139-_Twas_the_Night_Before_Stuff.mp3
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IT'S DECEMBER 21st, 2012, and JB is joined in The unfortified Fat Cave Studio by a familiar voice. They cover the first minutes of the apocalypse, discuss what may happen, and get some things off their chests and clear the air with some final confessions. Hope you get to hear it.

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THE END IS NEAR, JB and Murillo talk about their Doomsday plans(or lack there of), they discuss failed Doomsdays in history, JB Show Fantasy Football Review, a bad experience at a urinal, the word "Rape" is used too much, and a lot more. Hurry up and listen, time may be running out!

Direct download: Show_137-_End_Of_The_World_As_We_Know_It.mp3
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Johnny B, Murillo, and Shannon are BACK for an all-acapella one take show! They discuss Johnny's Brandon Bears winning the National Championships, JB Show Fantasy Football play-offs, the end of the world growing near and what Johnny and the boys plan on doing about it, and some other stuff. Happy Hanukkah!

Direct download: Show_136-_We_Are_The_Champions.mp3
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Johnny B, Murillo, and John Jacobs are in The Fat Cave Studio talking all things football and comedy related. They discuss an Emcee forgetting JB's name, New T-shirts, Machoman flashback, and stuff. For reals!

Direct download: Show_135-Say_My_Name.mp3
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Johnny B, Murillo, and Dave Weingarten are in The Fat Cave discussing today's big election, Fantasy Football, Twitter value, Dave's GF's boobies, a story about a crazy crackhead in a Starbucks, we learn Japanese, and more. BANZAIII!

Direct download: Show_134-_Presidential_.mp3
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Johnny B, Shannon, and Murillo are talking football, Halloween Horror Nights, Hurricane Sandy, Pumpkin flavored drinks, JB's weight loss, Bears win in the Play-offs, and more. It's recorded in The Fat Cave, that's not actually a cave.

Direct download: Show_133-_Oh_Sandy_.mp3
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Johnny B, Shannon, and Dave Weingarten are in The Fat Cave talking about a stroked out blind British bloke, an Ex-girlfriend that went Bruce Lee on a dude, JB's crazy Halloween costume traditions, a catchy website jingle, Fantasy Football recap, Water Babies, and some other words we pieced together. Blah.

Direct download: Show_132-_Bigfoot.mp3
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Johnny B, Murillo, Shannon, and Mancakes are fired up for their debate. They debate pressing topics like: Gay marriage, abortion, China, healthcare, education, and the National Deficit. They also discuss the recent space jump, Hulk Hogan, JB's athletic years, drugs, the end of the world, flying, Fantasy Football recap, and more. It's nice and long, like you like it.

Direct download: Show_131-_Master_Debaters.mp3
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Johnny B and Murillo are in The Fat Cave Studio discussing everything football, another Floridian alligator attack, somebody who died laughing, Paul Stanley threatens a Schmuck, JB's weight loss, and some other things. It's almost all accapella!

Direct download: Show_130-_Schmucks.mp3
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Johnny B and Murillo are in The Fat Cave Studio discussing JB's financial faux pas, scouting youth football games, a re-cap of week four in Fantasy Football, JB almost dies several times whilst speaking like Clint Eastwood, JB opens for Ralphie May again, and a bunch of other stuff. It's all FREE, so get it in your ears already!

Direct download: Show_129-_Flippin_The_Switch.mp3
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JB, Mancakes, and Murillo are frantically recapping football, replacement Refs, breakfast cereals, highschool electives, tough guys in corny movie roles, a flashback to a Rap video made by an NFL team in the 80's that we can't stop singing, and some other stuff. The other stuff is amazing.

Direct download: Show_128-_RAM_IT.mp3
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Strap yourself in for an extra long episode with JB, Murillo, Mancakes, and Dave Weingarden in The Fat Cave Studio! The comedy quartet discuss Religion, elections, Honey Boo Boo Child, almost stepping on babies, a hilarious bike crash, Star Wars, Fantasy Football, and way way more. Bring some snacks. You'll like it.

Direct download: Show_127-_Honey_Boo_Boo_Bomber.mp3
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Johnny B and Shannon Beasley are one on one in The Fat Cave Studio talking about: Shannon's shingles, the New iPhone 5 release, JB's continued weight-loss success, a dramatic football day, an amazing subway performer, and Week 1 review of the JB Show Fantasy Football League. It's a melodic episode. Enjoy it and stuff.

Direct download: Show_126-_Big_Loser.mp3
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Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Murillo are back from vacation with Politics, football, Clint Eastwood being old, JB loves smoking meat, Jacobs Never Seen Movie Review, a preview of this weeks action-packed schedule, and some other stuff. You'll see, I mean hear.

Direct download: Show_125-_Up_In_Smoke.mp3
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Johnny B, Murillo, and Ryan Steiner are in the Fat Cave for this long episode. They talk about Johnny's childhood Fat Camp, fantasy football, a teacher that hot sauced a kid's school supplies, Phillis Diller, a bridge jumping movie director, and way more. It's vitamin rich!

Direct download: Show_124-_Fat_Camp.mp3
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Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Krishna Reddy are in the Fat Cave talking frantically! This show is all over the place, they discuss how burglers should be required to dance, a beaver attack that is actually hilarious, crystal meth, JB's coaching mishaps, why you should vote, gay people, and who Krishna Reddy really is. It's nutty!

Direct download: Show_123-_Beaver_Battle.mp3
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Johnny B and Zane are having a little one on one in The Fat Cave Studio. They discuss the 2012 Olympics, crazy Olympic sports from the past, The Brandon Bears, JB turns a Katy Perry song into a country song, Fantasy Football, creepy window-less vans, and much much more. Push play already.

Direct download: Show_122-_Throwing_Babies.mp3
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Johnny B, Murillo, and John Jacobs are in The Fat Cave Studio discussing Youth Football, Fantasy Football, The Buccaneers, a news story about a racist gunmen in Florida, a crazy biker preacher in Florida, and more football. Did we mention football?

Direct download: Show_121-_Football_Football_Football.mp3
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Johnny B, Michael Murillo, and John Jacobs are in The Fat Cave feeling sporty. they discuss the London Olympic Games, Fantasy Football, a man caught doing something obsene behind the wheel, the worst child to ever sing the National Anthem, one of them breaks into a freestyle rap, they discuss every country downloading the show, Facebook questions, voicemails, and more. Get it!

Direct download: Show_120-_Parade_of_Nations.mp3
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Johnny B, Murillo, and newcomer Dave Weindarten are making sweet music in The Fat Cave. They touch on sensitive subjects like life in the military, JB's first time onstage, gay Muppets, what Jesus would probably say to Chick-Fil-a, and some other crap. You'll see!

Direct download: Show_119-_Oh_Boy.mp3
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Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Murillo are in rare form in The Fat Cave Studio! They discuss JB's new weight-loss competition, the Dark Knight Rises, Dez Bryant being Dez Bryant, a man who shot himself in the genitals, JB's themepark scam, upcoming stand-up, and so much more. Just listen to it, it's free for God's sake.

Direct download: Show_118-_Losing_It.mp3
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Johnny B and Zane B are in The Fat Cave Studio discussing Zane's love life, swimming with his iPhone, playing football, JB's coach ranking, their ghost hunt plan, JB's best falls, JB starts the show off with a song, and more. It's so cray.

Direct download: Show_117-_Call_me_JB.mp3
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Johnny B and John Jacobs are up to no good in The Fat Cave Studio. No, not that weridos! They're justing about Chinese hijackers that picked the wrong plane on the wrong day, Fourth of July festivities, stand-up comedy shows you should be at, a fantasy scenario between Mark Wahlberg, Justin Timberlake, LeBron James, and John Jacobs, the Worst Parents of 2012, and more!! Check it out kids!

Direct download: Show_116-Not_Suitable_for_Children.mp3
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Johnny B, Michael Murillo, and Max Doyle are in The Fat Cave Studio half-drunk and full of energy, The fellas discuss the past week of comedy, Max's hometown hurricane issues, how to eat a hobo, Cuban food, Casey Anthony back in the news, Swamp People troubles, a man has legal sex with a 3-legged dog in Florida, and a little more! Seriously, it's better than Apples to Apples.

Direct download: Show_115-_Hungry_Hungry_Hobos.mp3
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Johnny B, John Jacobs, John J. Murray, and Murillo are in the studio making noise. Seriously. they discuss Fathers Day, Vietnamese soup called Pho, 2 Live Crew, JB's WPT let down, some crazy events on FL highways with crazy drunken ladies, more bacon talk, a great voicemail, and way way more. Hit the play button already!

Direct download: Show_114-_OH_NO_HE_DIDNT.mp3
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Johnny B and Zane B are having some good old-fashioned father/son time in The Fat Cave studio. Because most dads discuss Zombies, how to shoot a sniper rifle, proper football smack talk and stuff. Right? Zane also keeps a running score of JB's parental ranking. It's life in a bottle, but funnier. Huh? Never mind.

Direct download: Show_113-_Zane__Zombies.mp3
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JB and the crew are in The Fat Cave Studio for this giant slice of hilarity pie! That's not a thing, we made that up. Just now. The guys talk about JB's Hell week, John Jacobs reviews Karate Kid(The original that he's never seen), a Preacher gets too close to a rattle snake, a Texas shower has Jesus in it, Team Johntourage in the WPT Tampa, Squirrels making sex in JB's attic, and more! Amen and all that.

Direct download: Show_112-_Holy_Moldy.mp3
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Comedians Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Michael Murillo are in The Fat Cave talking about Johnny's turbulant teen years, a grown man who punched a 10 year old in a movie theater in Seattle, Bacon Vodka Bloody Marys, almost fighting children at a buffet, a Miami man who got his face eaten off by a naked dude, stand-up, and the bathroom of a local Red Robin. This show is bottom-less.

Direct download: Show_111-_Punch-Drunk_.mp3
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Johnny B is joined in the studio by comedian Matt Fernandez and Shannon Beasley for an hour of audio nonsense. They discuss Stand-up, Twitter, going to the same high school, saying creepy things to kids on Xbox, a Samurai Dad-fight in New York, and more. We'll count it.

Direct download: Show_110-_Fat_Mernandez.mp3
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Johnny B is joined in The Fat Cave by Shannon and Michael Murillo for an exciting podcasting venture about brownies, Crappy first jobs, hitchhikers with cake, a moronic hilbilly gay hating Pastor, a homeless singer with more talent than teeth, we review a comedy show and how amazingly hot one of our co-host's girlfriend is, and so much more! It's bananas!!

Direct download: Show_109-_Charles_L._Worley_is_a_Douchebag.mp3
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Johnny B and the crew of The JB Show are in The Fat Cave all pumped up about mostly nothing like: The NEW Myan calendar, John Jacobs' first headline, the Mancakes Never Seen Movie Review, Flashback to Johnny's tiny Highschool car, and other stuff. Out take intro at the end. Spoiler!

Direct download: Show_108-_Pinky_Swearing.mp3
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Johnny B, John Jacobs, JB Ball, and Michael Murillo are in The Fat Cave for this extra long episode. They discuss neato stuff like: The Avengers movie, the meanest thing John Jacobs did to a girl, heartless things Johnny has said to people, a possible NASA alien spacecraft cover-up, a ghetto stabbing over a sexual debate, and WAY more. You'll see.

Direct download: Show_107-_You_didnt_get_served.mp3
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Johnny B is in studio with comedians John Jacobs and JB Ball for two hours of non-stop action! The fellas discuss stand-up, Johnny's Madden league, the fact Johnny is FORTY years old and is involved with a video game league, an awesome plan to stage the best heckler face-off in the history of the world, a real life haunted house from Johnny's past, how to go out with a bang, and much more. Are you ready for some football?

Direct download: Show_106-_Heckler_Face-Off.mp3
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Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Michael Murillo roll through an action-packed episode of your favorite podcast with craziness like: The Bucs draft picks, Russel Brand's sex life, JB's Gumbo, and a drunken karaoke night where JB acted gay for over an hour just to annoy a homophobic drunk. He was acting. Seriously.

Direct download: Show_105-_Insta-Gay-tor.mp3
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Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Michael Murillo are in the Fat Cave talking abot the NFL Draft, meteor showers, a UFO video that's obviously fake, Johnny's quiche, Spicy food, North Korea's fake city they use to trap stupid South Koreans, Johnny opening for a magician, and much more. Enjoy.

Direct download: Show_104-_Dong_Dong_City.mp3
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JohnnyB, John Jacobs, and Michael Murillo are in the studio for a long episode of miraculous mayhem. They discuss a hologram performance by a dead rapper, an alligator that does room service, JB's new favorite show, a voicemail from THE Rod Hendricks, and so much more. Throw your hands in the air, if you wanna.

Direct download: Show_103-_Singing_Hologram_.mp3
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Johnny B is in The Fat Cave with John "Mancakes" Jacobs and Michael Murillo for over an hour of premium podcasting. It's premium because they said so. They recap an Easter Sunday comedy benefit show that JB, Matson, Murillo, and Riga did in Sarasota for a great girl named Rhi. They also talk about JB's stupid bridge dream, a cloud picture getting crazy attention, and more. It's Rhi-diculous!

Direct download: Show_102-_Comic_Rhi-lief.mp3
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Johnny B is in the studio with Joe Riga discussing serious worldly issues such as: Joe's sexcapades, a near brawl at an open mic, JB's flashback to his college years when he almost stepped on a baby, we review audio from bounty king Greg Williams, and more. It's a production league.

Direct download: Show_101-_Kill_theHead.mp3
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Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Michael Murillo are in The Fat Cave for this extra long 100th episode. They discuss Johnny's childhood boombox mixtape days, John never eating oatmeal, the Nyan Cat joins the show, crazy vending machines, and old lady crash landing a plane, and SO MUCH MORE! Eat it up!

Direct download: Show_100-_Mancakes.mp3
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Johnny B and John Jacobs are in The Fat Cave celebrating JB's Birthday with some good, clean, family friendly talk. Ok. that's not completely true. The fellas discuss a youtube video of a Tampa street fight incited by a TV jingle, more info on the Trayvon Martin case, a Pilot that loses it mid-flight, JB appearing on an AM radio Poker Show, a homocide near The Fat Cave, and MORE!! No hoodie required.

Direct download: Show_99-_Street_Fighter.mp3
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Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Shannon are in The Fat Cave rolling through this short show. They discuss the Jets new QB, church recruiters, Johnny's fitness venture, and some great religious alternatives. Amen.

Direct download: Show_98-_Praise_Lardicus.mp3
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Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Michael Murillo are in The Fat Cave Studio for another solid show of shenanigans! They discuss the Broncos NEW and old QB's, Johnny's new fitness regimen, emergency bathroom wake-ups, rude girls that say stupid stuff, Johnny tipping drive-thru employees, and way more! Just play it.

Direct download: Show_97-_Manning_Up.mp3
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Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Michael Murillo are in The Fat Cave for an extra long show. They discuss Johnny's new gym membership, 2012 apocalypse debunkings, a night with the Elks, Johnny's flashback self scissor stabbing story, how to survive a Zombie pandemic, and much much more(all while eating Dorito Tacos)!!

Direct download: Show_96-_Talking_Dead.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 3:15am EST

Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Shannon are in The Fat Cave for this super ground breaking, controversial, unique journey into adolescence, impending doom scenarios, the afterlife, and third world bus trips. It's a hunch, but we think you'll like it.

Direct download: Show_95-_Ghost_Dicks.mp3
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Johnny B is in the Fat Cave Studio with John Jacobs and Shannon, not at the same time though. It's kind of a two part show. They discuss Tiger Woods, Jeremy Lin, who wants to be a gay millionaire, ghetto family Facebook, a voicemail from a dying old lady, Walmart church folk, Johnny B's plan to try out for The Voice, and more. Enjoy the whole thing.

Direct download: Show_94-_The_Voice.mp3
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Johnny B is joined in The Fat Cave Studio by comedians Michael Murillo and John Jacobs. They discuss Shoes, Fast food, Stand-up, Green Horns, Johnny B's highschool Rap Group, playing the dozens, and a lot more! It's fresh!

Direct download: Show_93-_T-Town_Boys.mp3
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Johnny B, Michael Murillo, and Whitmore are in The Fat Cave getting cray. They discuss: Their ghettofabulous trip to the State Fair, Two grannies with way different problems, Zane's Fair bathroom debacle, Johnny's excelent parenting skills, and WAY more! It's SO cray!

Direct download: Show_92-_Deep_Fried_Everything_.mp3
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Johnny B is joined in the studio by comedians Law Smith and John J. Murray for beer and talk. They discuss: Comic anxiety, JB's new toy, John Murray's comedy idols, a guy having a heart attack at The Heart Attack Grill, Vegas, Poker, Fleshlite etiquette, and MUCH MORE!!

Direct download: Show_91-_Beer_and_Buttholes.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 4:36am EST

Johnny B, Michael Murillo, and Vinny Safy are in The Fat Cave discussing Super Bowl prop bet results, guys that dress gay, local comedy raging, voicemails and more. Indulge.

Direct download: Show_90-_Really_Vinny.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 5:10am EST

Johnny B, Joe Riga, and Shannon Beasley are all fired up for Super Bowl XLVI! This show was recorded just a couple of hours before kick-off. Predictions were made, and some people will look super smart! And by "some people" we mean "Johnny." The guys also discuss Joe's open mic child boner question debacle, Joe's real date, Johnny's giant Murillo dream, Shady Comedy Clubs, Madonna, Shannon's love of Pringles and chocolate pudding, more Fleshlite, and other stuff! ENJOY!!!

Direct download: Show_89-_Super_Bowl_Super_Show.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:17am EST

Johnny B, Michael Murillo, and Shannon are in The Fat Cave talking Super Bowl Prop bets, black parades, Danny Woodhead, Panama, ghetto stories, conversations with Siri and a creepy stuffed animal, voicemails, and more!! Giants by 6! You heard me.

Direct download: Show_88-_Danny_Woodhead.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 3:29am EST

Johnny B and Joe Riga are in The Fat Cave talking about the Gasparilla Pirate invasion, Walmart vs. Target, an App that locates ghettos, a storage corpse, Stand-up, Carnival food, the history of peppermints, Twitter questions, and more Matey! It's a bountiful booty of audio.

Direct download: Show_87-_Peppermint_Pirates.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:18am EST

Johnny B is joined in The Fat Cave Studio by his long time cohort Vinny Safyand they down and dirty with this episode! They discuss The Bucs new Head Coach, Gay Marriage, Open Mics, Johnny's number one skill, MORE Fleshlite talk, a girl thats killing herself with Chicken Nuggets, and more! Just listen to it because it's FREE!

Direct download: Show_86-_Nugget_Whore.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 4:18am EST

It's a full house in The Fat Cave Studio with Johnny B, Joe Riga, Michael Murillo, and Shannon talking about: NFL football, Joe Paterno, Joe's under-achieving dream, Johnny and Zane's Munchkin adventure, and so much more!! Eat it up!

Direct download: Show_85-_Munchkin_Rage.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 3:46am EST

Johnny B, Joe Riga, and Johnny B's hernia are in The World Famous Fat Cave Studio for this action packed episode. They discuss: JB's upcoming hernia surgery, Cowardly captains, Hollywood heads, NFL football, more Fleshlight love, Johnny B getting picked for a dream football scenario, Joe's wet dreams, an awesome Finnish fan mail, Twitter questions, and more!!! Get onboard!

Direct download: Show_84-_Hernia_Harry.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 2:07am EST

Johnny B, Joe Riga, and first timer Jim "The Lapel" Choquette and his elbows are in The Fat Cave talking smack! They discuss the aggravation that is called The Tampa Bay Comedy Group on Facebook, they Slam a horrible internet "Radio" Network, a Tampa terror threat, some dead pissed terrorists, football picks, voicemails, and MUCH more. Elbow the play button.

Direct download: Show_83-_Elbowing.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 2:05am EST

Johnny B, Joe Riga, and Whitmore are gracious enough to take time out of their super busy schedules to hit The Fat Cave for some good old fashioned talky talk. They dwell into pressing matters such as: Joe's gay dog, JB's cool dog that happens to have an eating disorder, NFL Play-Offs, a criminal with a crazy name, JB's flashback to a memorable day he tossed a toddler into a ceiling fan, voicemails, twitter questions, and much more! Just listen to it already!

Direct download: Show_82-_Fan_Boy.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 2:53pm EST

Johnny B is joined in The Fat Cave by football Guru Michael Murillo and Shannon, who massages people. They recap the New Years Eve drunken mess JB turned out to be, and the events that took place that night that he is still paying for. They also discuss NFL Play-Offs and predictions, ladies playing football, a girl that defends her baby against home invaders, and other stuff. I predict you'll like it, in Overtime.

Direct download: Show_81-_Shot_Down.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 4:20am EST

Johnny B is flying solo on this review of the first full year of the show. JB does some flashing back, discusses events of 2011, remembers important people, and stuff. Thanks for a great first year! Enjoy!

Direct download: Show_80-_Flashing_Back.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 3:38am EST