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Johnny B and Joe Riga are in The Fat Cave talking about the Gasparilla Pirate invasion, Walmart vs. Target, an App that locates ghettos, a storage corpse, Stand-up, Carnival food, the history of peppermints, Twitter questions, and more Matey! It's a bountiful booty of audio.

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Johnny B is joined in The Fat Cave Studio by his long time cohort Vinny Safyand they down and dirty with this episode! They discuss The Bucs new Head Coach, Gay Marriage, Open Mics, Johnny's number one skill, MORE Fleshlite talk, a girl thats killing herself with Chicken Nuggets, and more! Just listen to it because it's FREE!

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It's a full house in The Fat Cave Studio with Johnny B, Joe Riga, Michael Murillo, and Shannon talking about: NFL football, Joe Paterno, Joe's under-achieving dream, Johnny and Zane's Munchkin adventure, and so much more!! Eat it up!

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Johnny B, Joe Riga, and Johnny B's hernia are in The World Famous Fat Cave Studio for this action packed episode. They discuss: JB's upcoming hernia surgery, Cowardly captains, Hollywood heads, NFL football, more Fleshlight love, Johnny B getting picked for a dream football scenario, Joe's wet dreams, an awesome Finnish fan mail, Twitter questions, and more!!! Get onboard!

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Johnny B, Joe Riga, and first timer Jim "The Lapel" Choquette and his elbows are in The Fat Cave talking smack! They discuss the aggravation that is called The Tampa Bay Comedy Group on Facebook, they Slam a horrible internet "Radio" Network, a Tampa terror threat, some dead pissed terrorists, football picks, voicemails, and MUCH more. Elbow the play button.

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Johnny B, Joe Riga, and Whitmore are gracious enough to take time out of their super busy schedules to hit The Fat Cave for some good old fashioned talky talk. They dwell into pressing matters such as: Joe's gay dog, JB's cool dog that happens to have an eating disorder, NFL Play-Offs, a criminal with a crazy name, JB's flashback to a memorable day he tossed a toddler into a ceiling fan, voicemails, twitter questions, and much more! Just listen to it already!

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Johnny B is joined in The Fat Cave by football Guru Michael Murillo and Shannon, who massages people. They recap the New Years Eve drunken mess JB turned out to be, and the events that took place that night that he is still paying for. They also discuss NFL Play-Offs and predictions, ladies playing football, a girl that defends her baby against home invaders, and other stuff. I predict you'll like it, in Overtime.

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Johnny B is flying solo on this review of the first full year of the show. JB does some flashing back, discusses events of 2011, remembers important people, and stuff. Thanks for a great first year! Enjoy!

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