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Johnny B is joined in The Fat Cave Studio by comedians Michael Murillo and John Jacobs. They discuss Shoes, Fast food, Stand-up, Green Horns, Johnny B's highschool Rap Group, playing the dozens, and a lot more! It's fresh!

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Johnny B, Michael Murillo, and Whitmore are in The Fat Cave getting cray. They discuss: Their ghettofabulous trip to the State Fair, Two grannies with way different problems, Zane's Fair bathroom debacle, Johnny's excelent parenting skills, and WAY more! It's SO cray!

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Johnny B is joined in the studio by comedians Law Smith and John J. Murray for beer and talk. They discuss: Comic anxiety, JB's new toy, John Murray's comedy idols, a guy having a heart attack at The Heart Attack Grill, Vegas, Poker, Fleshlite etiquette, and MUCH MORE!!

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Johnny B, Michael Murillo, and Vinny Safy are in The Fat Cave discussing Super Bowl prop bet results, guys that dress gay, local comedy raging, voicemails and more. Indulge.

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Johnny B, Joe Riga, and Shannon Beasley are all fired up for Super Bowl XLVI! This show was recorded just a couple of hours before kick-off. Predictions were made, and some people will look super smart! And by "some people" we mean "Johnny." The guys also discuss Joe's open mic child boner question debacle, Joe's real date, Johnny's giant Murillo dream, Shady Comedy Clubs, Madonna, Shannon's love of Pringles and chocolate pudding, more Fleshlite, and other stuff! ENJOY!!!

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Johnny B, Michael Murillo, and Shannon are in The Fat Cave talking Super Bowl Prop bets, black parades, Danny Woodhead, Panama, ghetto stories, conversations with Siri and a creepy stuffed animal, voicemails, and more!! Giants by 6! You heard me.

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