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Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Michael Murillo are in the Fat Cave talking abot the NFL Draft, meteor showers, a UFO video that's obviously fake, Johnny's quiche, Spicy food, North Korea's fake city they use to trap stupid South Koreans, Johnny opening for a magician, and much more. Enjoy.

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JohnnyB, John Jacobs, and Michael Murillo are in the studio for a long episode of miraculous mayhem. They discuss a hologram performance by a dead rapper, an alligator that does room service, JB's new favorite show, a voicemail from THE Rod Hendricks, and so much more. Throw your hands in the air, if you wanna.

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Johnny B is in The Fat Cave with John "Mancakes" Jacobs and Michael Murillo for over an hour of premium podcasting. It's premium because they said so. They recap an Easter Sunday comedy benefit show that JB, Matson, Murillo, and Riga did in Sarasota for a great girl named Rhi. They also talk about JB's stupid bridge dream, a cloud picture getting crazy attention, and more. It's Rhi-diculous!

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Johnny B is in the studio with Joe Riga discussing serious worldly issues such as: Joe's sexcapades, a near brawl at an open mic, JB's flashback to his college years when he almost stepped on a baby, we review audio from bounty king Greg Williams, and more. It's a production league.

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Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Michael Murillo are in The Fat Cave for this extra long 100th episode. They discuss Johnny's childhood boombox mixtape days, John never eating oatmeal, the Nyan Cat joins the show, crazy vending machines, and old lady crash landing a plane, and SO MUCH MORE! Eat it up!

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