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Comedians Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Michael Murillo are in The Fat Cave talking about Johnny's turbulant teen years, a grown man who punched a 10 year old in a movie theater in Seattle, Bacon Vodka Bloody Marys, almost fighting children at a buffet, a Miami man who got his face eaten off by a naked dude, stand-up, and the bathroom of a local Red Robin. This show is bottom-less.

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Johnny B is joined in the studio by comedian Matt Fernandez and Shannon Beasley for an hour of audio nonsense. They discuss Stand-up, Twitter, going to the same high school, saying creepy things to kids on Xbox, a Samurai Dad-fight in New York, and more. We'll count it.

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Johnny B is joined in The Fat Cave by Shannon and Michael Murillo for an exciting podcasting venture about brownies, Crappy first jobs, hitchhikers with cake, a moronic hilbilly gay hating Pastor, a homeless singer with more talent than teeth, we review a comedy show and how amazingly hot one of our co-host's girlfriend is, and so much more! It's bananas!!

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Johnny B and the crew of The JB Show are in The Fat Cave all pumped up about mostly nothing like: The NEW Myan calendar, John Jacobs' first headline, the Mancakes Never Seen Movie Review, Flashback to Johnny's tiny Highschool car, and other stuff. Out take intro at the end. Spoiler!

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Johnny B, John Jacobs, JB Ball, and Michael Murillo are in The Fat Cave for this extra long episode. They discuss neato stuff like: The Avengers movie, the meanest thing John Jacobs did to a girl, heartless things Johnny has said to people, a possible NASA alien spacecraft cover-up, a ghetto stabbing over a sexual debate, and WAY more. You'll see.

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Johnny B is in studio with comedians John Jacobs and JB Ball for two hours of non-stop action! The fellas discuss stand-up, Johnny's Madden league, the fact Johnny is FORTY years old and is involved with a video game league, an awesome plan to stage the best heckler face-off in the history of the world, a real life haunted house from Johnny's past, how to go out with a bang, and much more. Are you ready for some football?

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Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Michael Murillo roll through an action-packed episode of your favorite podcast with craziness like: The Bucs draft picks, Russel Brand's sex life, JB's Gumbo, and a drunken karaoke night where JB acted gay for over an hour just to annoy a homophobic drunk. He was acting. Seriously.

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