FTS Johnny B

Johnny B, John Jacobs, John J. Murray, and Murillo are in the studio making noise. Seriously. they discuss Fathers Day, Vietnamese soup called Pho, 2 Live Crew, JB's WPT let down, some crazy events on FL highways with crazy drunken ladies, more bacon talk, a great voicemail, and way way more. Hit the play button already!

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Johnny B and Zane B are having some good old-fashioned father/son time in The Fat Cave studio. Because most dads discuss Zombies, how to shoot a sniper rifle, proper football smack talk and stuff. Right? Zane also keeps a running score of JB's parental ranking. It's life in a bottle, but funnier. Huh? Never mind.

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JB and the crew are in The Fat Cave Studio for this giant slice of hilarity pie! That's not a thing, we made that up. Just now. The guys talk about JB's Hell week, John Jacobs reviews Karate Kid(The original that he's never seen), a Preacher gets too close to a rattle snake, a Texas shower has Jesus in it, Team Johntourage in the WPT Tampa, Squirrels making sex in JB's attic, and more! Amen and all that.

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