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Johnny B, Michael Murillo, and John Jacobs are in The Fat Cave feeling sporty. they discuss the London Olympic Games, Fantasy Football, a man caught doing something obsene behind the wheel, the worst child to ever sing the National Anthem, one of them breaks into a freestyle rap, they discuss every country downloading the show, Facebook questions, voicemails, and more. Get it!

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Johnny B, Murillo, and newcomer Dave Weindarten are making sweet music in The Fat Cave. They touch on sensitive subjects like life in the military, JB's first time onstage, gay Muppets, what Jesus would probably say to Chick-Fil-a, and some other crap. You'll see!

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Johnny B, John Jacobs, and Murillo are in rare form in The Fat Cave Studio! They discuss JB's new weight-loss competition, the Dark Knight Rises, Dez Bryant being Dez Bryant, a man who shot himself in the genitals, JB's themepark scam, upcoming stand-up, and so much more. Just listen to it, it's free for God's sake.

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Johnny B and Zane B are in The Fat Cave Studio discussing Zane's love life, swimming with his iPhone, playing football, JB's coach ranking, their ghost hunt plan, JB's best falls, JB starts the show off with a song, and more. It's so cray.

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Johnny B and John Jacobs are up to no good in The Fat Cave Studio. No, not that weridos! They're justing about Chinese hijackers that picked the wrong plane on the wrong day, Fourth of July festivities, stand-up comedy shows you should be at, a fantasy scenario between Mark Wahlberg, Justin Timberlake, LeBron James, and John Jacobs, the Worst Parents of 2012, and more!! Check it out kids!

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Johnny B, Michael Murillo, and Max Doyle are in The Fat Cave Studio half-drunk and full of energy, The fellas discuss the past week of comedy, Max's hometown hurricane issues, how to eat a hobo, Cuban food, Casey Anthony back in the news, Swamp People troubles, a man has legal sex with a 3-legged dog in Florida, and a little more! Seriously, it's better than Apples to Apples.

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