FTS Johnny B

Comedians Ricky Hicken & JJ Curry join JB on Zoom from their phones and discuss all kinds of crap from fan loyalty, stage time, how masks are helping social interactions, and we plan our own eulogies. It's a conversation, it's free, consume it. ENJOY!

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Comedian Matt Fernandez Zooms in with Johnny B to talk Stand-up, Covid-19, baking baked, and the true meaning of life. Also, Johnny B cries about his tough week. Boo hoo Fatty! Enjoy.

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FTS Johnny B is another evolution from The JB Show(2010-2014) to Johnny B Uncensored(2017-2018) to it's current FTS(an acronym Johnny has been uttering/screaming since he was a fat child). Johnny catches everybody up on why 2020 is the perfect year to use "FTS" throughout your days without turning a head or surprising even the most sensitive ears. Same RSS, new show. If you've been here the whole way...THANKS!

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