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Johnny B and Joe Riga are joined in the Fat Cave by comedian Chris Matson. They ramble about everything for over an hour and a half about: Comedy contests, corniest moments with the ladies, NFL football, Johnny contemplating trees, and celebs that may be gay and which celeb could turn JB out. It's stupid. You'll love it.

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Johnny B and Joe Riga have a surprise visit from show's past as they discuss a wide range of topics for almost two hours. Cool stuff like: Pop sensation LMFAO, Joe the Bouncer, Joe the Heckler Killer, a tourettes poker player, Johnny begging for more Twitter followers(@Johnnybcomedy), and MUCH more. EMMMM!

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This Double-Length Episode has a LOT going on. Johnny B is joined by Joe Riga and Michael Murillo, they talk about: a dude with a metal baseball cap, The Tampa Bay Rays, Joe faking orgasms, name dropping, Coaching, Open Mic/Comedy Group drama, a "Comic" who wears a white robe and hat with the words "ALMIGHTY WHITEY" embroideredon on them(but he says it's not racist), questions from the fans, and SO much more!!

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It's Football Sunday in The Fat Cave and Johnny B is losing Fantasy Football again! He's joined by Joe Riga and they talk about football, debt collectors, tackling trees, Joe's JB karaoke audio, and JB RULES THE WORLD trending on Twitter. Yeah, it's him. Shut up.

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